Confident With Disability

Perhaps you’d like to offer your services to people with disabilities but are not sure you’re ready?

  • You know “disability” covers a wide range of people and you’re not sure you can help everyone
  • You’re worried about your language and accidentally saying the wrong thing
  • You’re not sure about communicating with people whose mode of communication might be different
  • You’re concerned that your premises or workplace might not be suitable

This short course will give you the confidence and understanding to know what services you can offer and plan the next steps to offering them.

The course is FREE, and is offered by our project team and trainers with experience of both disability and caring. We can run it at your premises if you like, for any number of employees. It takes half a day with the option of a follow-up session after you’ve put some of the ideas into practice.

You’ll learn about

  • the social model of disability – a non-medical way of viewing disability making it easier to relate to people with disabilities and carers
  • any legislation you need to be aware of, including how disabled customers can get funding for services
  • how to adapt and adjust your services to meet the needs of disabled customers
  • how other service providers and companies have benefitted by welcoming disabled customers.

Here’s what some previous participants have said:

“each of us found the session both informative and thought provoking; it also confirmed that we do have first-hand life experiences that together with our newfound knowledge from the training session will help us greatly when working with a wider group of people with disabilities”

“We all thought that you both displayed high levels of subject knowledge and had excellent facilitation skills – making us feel comfortable from the get-go and thought-out session -making it a joy to participate.  What a great ‘tag team’ you both make!”

“It certainly gave me more understanding of the reasons as to why inclusion for everyone is essential – especially in community facilities”

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