Our values

We have agreed a set of values which underpin our approach to supporting and helping people:
• Honesty
• Openness
• Social responsibility
• Caring for others
• Equality
• Equity
• Solidarity
• Democracy
• Self-Responsibility
• Self-Help

These inform the standards our members sign up to.

Our members all participate in the Confident About Disability training course,
delivered by EDG in collaboration with disabled trainers. We want network
members to feel confident about their interactions with disabled people and their
families and clients and customers to know that they will be treated with respect
and understanding.

Upholding our values

On joining, we ask all members to sign up to Network SQ’s standards and values.

The standards include confidentiality, transparency, being inclusive and proactive.

You demonstrate your commitment to these values by sharing the standards with
anyone you work with. This upholds our network’s assurance of good quality
services, support and interaction with clients and customers, community groups
and other organisations. They also apply to relations between network members.
All members take our Confident About Disability training course and commit to
using their learning from it in all aspects of their practice.

Confident About Disability is a free one-day training, led by the EDG project team
and trainers with experience of disability and caring. It includes discussion of the
Social Model of Disability, Person-centred practice, the Equalities Act, 2010 and
how to adapt and adjust your service to meet the needs of disabled customers.
There is a short follow-up session to share experiences of putting the ideas into